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About Ali O.

Ali O. is committed to making fresh, natural, organic, and wild crafted skin care products. My products are made in small batches on a weekly basis, and never stored in a warehouse for months on end. My motto-Fresh is best! Harmful preservatives and foaming agents are avoided. My ingredients are researched for the best nutrients to feed your skin. I use plant essential oils that have medicinal chemical constituents that are beneficial for the skin. The essential oils also smell wonderful!


Ali O. makes hand & body lotions, daily facial moisturizers for both day and night, salt & sugar scrubs, bath shower gel, Shea body butter, exfoliating cleanser, body powder, glycerin soaps, soy candles, cooling body sprays, with therapeutic essential oils.


Treat yourself and your skin to ingredients that actually feeds your skin and soothes the soul.


Pure, Fresh, and Natural....


I started making soaps and lotions 15 years ago-for my own personal use. Since then my knowledge and skills have evolved. I've researched the finest ingredients and attended school to learn the herbs, botanicals, and essential oils that are beneficial to the skin. For the past two years, I've been taking Aromatherapy courses from The American College of Healthcare Sciences in Portland Oregon. There, I've been learning about the chemical constituents of the plant essences-essential oils, and their uses for Holistic health. Plants are certainly amazing gifts, healing the body, mind, and skin of course!!


These days, most skin care products contain harmful chemicals, preservatives, and foaming agents. There just isn't any reason not to use an all-natural product that benefits the skin-rather than harm it.


Since my humble beginning in 1995, my repertoire has expanded greatly, and the ingredients have become all natural. I now formulate face creams for Day and Night, Body Lotions, Hand Ointment, Foaming Hand Mousse, Foot Cream, Body and Massage Oils, Body Scrub/Polish, Glycerin Soaps, Shower Gels, Body and Room Sprays, Body Powder, Perfume Oils, and Soy Candles. I also carry a couple of items that I love and use constantly, but I don't make them. Czech crystal nail files and "Herban Essentials"-Essential Oil Towelettes.



Ali O.